• The Action Zone

    Age 10+


    Try it out at our specially built Skatepark!

    Are you new to skateboarding? Are you a Pro? Well, whatever level you're at - you can experience our freshly built skatepark at the festval! Learn the basics and flaunt it!


    Find your balance!

    Slackline and chill is the new cool thing to do. We've setup a bunch of lines for you guys to try it out. For when you fall, don't worry - we've got you covered. Get that balance right!


    A fun 2 v. 2 game you'll get hooked on to in no time!

    Grab a buddy and challenge others in this exhilarating game! A popular game in the US, play it right here in Mumbai! If you're new to the game - we'll teach you! Trust us, it doesn't take long...