• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    I'm a non-swimmer, what can i do at the Underwater Zone?

    Everyone can dive! You can dive in the Underwater playground.

    I'm a swimmer but not a certified diver, what can I do at the Underwater Zone?

    Dive in the Underwater Playground and play Underwater Hockey.

    I'm a PADI / SSI / CMAS certified diver, what's there for me at the Underwater Zone?

    Challenge yourself at the Dive Games and play Underwater Hockey.

    What about exposure protection?

    Divers around the world dive in various conditions using exposure protection (rash vests / wetsuits / dive skins). We will provide you with exposure protection to make sure you're protected. Lets go Underwater!

    Looks like there'll be a lot of people in the pool at the same time?

    Absolutely not! We have made 4 different time slots per day. In each time slot, there are limited number of people at the same time in the pool across various activities. We want to make sure that everyone has a great experience. Hint: The underwater zone passes are limited - get yours now!

    My kid has taken an Underwater Zone pass, will I be able to enter the Underwater Zone? I don't want to leave him alone.

    In order to enter the Underwater Zone or Action Zone, you must have the underwater zone pass or action zone pass respectively. For everyone else (like a parent / guardian), a visitor pass is mandatory and will be given access only to the viewing gallery + everything else that a visitor gets.


    Please don't worry, all our instructors are PADI certified and qualified to handle kids of all ages in the water. Your kid will have a fantastic time!

    It's an water-based adventure sport event. What kind of safety measures have you been taken?

    Safety is our priority! Here are a few steps taken by us:


    1. All our instructors are EFR (Emergency First Response) certified.

    2. There'll be lifeguards on duty at all times

    3. The Instructor : Student ratio is not going to be more than 1: 3

    4. The time slots have been designed in a way such that there are not more than 15 people in one activity at any given time.


    Apart from these, we will have doctors on duty to take care of any issues that might occur. You can be assured, we've got your back :)


    Is there anything else I should know?

    Please make sure you are not flying within 12 hours of your dive.

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